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Details At A Glance

Tool Diameter Carbide Length Shank Diameter Overall Length
5/8 1 1/4 5/8 3 3/8

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Flute long carbide tips brazed to hardened alloy steel bodies. 15° Right hand spiral flutes. For milling steel and steel alloys. CNC qualified edge provides for accurate and consistent resharpening. Carbide grade and tool geometry appropriate for material being machined. Radial edged for longer tool life. Radial edged end mills are manufactured with a precise .002" to .003" radial edge on the periphery, thus eliminating the need to hand hone the feathered edge. This small margin results in a stronger cutting edge and minimizes edge chipping for longer tool life. Tool diameter tolerance: +.002”/-0”. Shank diameter tolerance: -.0001”/-.0005”. Straight shank with drive flats.

Additional information

Tool Diameter


Decimal Tool Diameter


Shank Diameter


Number of Flutes


Carbide Length

1 1/4

Overall Length

3 3/8



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